War is not over yet!!!
– Don´t rest aside... Brothers and Sisters of Metal…
…Obscure melodies and powerful riffing, pounded by intense drum kicking… Warfare chants summoning the hordes to go into battle against false morals and Christian faith… Pure energy and total live insanity… That´s what you get, when you see or listen to Colombia´s DARK MANTHRA.

Formed back in 1999, in Bucaramanga city, Santander, DARK MANTHRA have become one of the most representative Blackened Death Metal acts in their nation. With extensive road touring throughout Colombian major capital cities as Bogota, Pereira, Barrancabermeja, Sogamoso, Cúcuta, Pamplona, Tunja, Tauramena, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Manizales; as well as international guest appearances in Venezuela (Merida, San Cristobal, Valencia), along several releases, DARK MANTHRA will soon come to you, to make a statement to the world: Death to all slaves of faith…

Currently, we are working on a new album, which we consider our best ´till now. A lot has improved in our music production since our last release, and we are certain that “Estigmas “, will blow your minds. If Extreme Metal is what revs up your engine and wakes up your inner demons, Join our battle.

Line Up:

Alexis Laguado

Guitar - Screams

Alejandro Olarte

Joined the band since 2000.

Mervin quiroga

Joined the band since 2000.

zandro rueda

Joined the band since 2000.

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Colombia - South America

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